borrego modern
To Suzanne Lawrence,
who as my best friend and partner for more two decades has inspired me to "choose well and enjoy the consequences" and to enjoy our great adventure.

Publisher, Editor, Research and Text (except where noted)
William Lawrence

Kyna Nguyen

Brendan Morante

Sandé Lollis
Mike D'Ambrosia

Special Thanks
Todd Pitman, Carmen Pauli & Finn
Keith York
Betty Zerbe
Yvonne & Dan Larsen
John Scranton
Mike Gotch
Judy Meier, Editor, the Borrego Sun
Phil Brigandi
Beverly Kuhrts
Elsa Chambers
Charlotte, Randy & Scot Fortiner
Gwen Marie, President, Borrego Chamber of Commerce
Bridget Asaro
Katie Wilhelm
Robert & Doris Wilhelm
Cher Conner
Doug & Stacy Paton
Rick Raybuck
Gail Gregson
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Noel Masiclat