borrego modern

While outside of the core "mid-century" development, this Borrego Springs home located at de Anza Country Club home is unusual for its design during Borrego's second major building boom of the late 1970's and early 1980's.

During this period much of the development was in the "southwest" style led by the DiGiorgio development of Rams Hill Country Club and Estates. The style can also be seen in construction of this period at de Anza Country Club. This home carries forward a mid-century ethic of utilizing clean lines and large expanses of glass to blur the difference between indoors and outdoors.

The home was designed and built by Maurie McKenzie, born in 1918, who fell in love with architecture and drawing while in high school. He was accepted into the USC School of Architecture prior to World War II, but was convinced by a doctor friend to switch to medical school, which he regretted.1 Following the war, McKenzie entered his father's duplicating machine business. Throughout his career he continued his love of architecture, designing his firm's three offices (1965, 1972 and 1977) and four private homes including a San Clemente home in 1965 where he lived until his death in early 2008. He designed this Borrego home to be open and uncluttered.

1 Information on McKenzie comes from personal interview conducted by Stacy Paton.

The home features 2 mirror bedroom/bath wings with a central living room/dining/kitchen space. The beds are designed in built-in platforms.

The teak built-ins and much of the furniture McKenzie designed and had constructed for the space. The kitchen maintains clean lines through the use of no above counter cabinets.
McKenzie says he designed the home for himself and his lifestyle, this home being constructed once his children had grown.

The present owners are the home's second and have furnished the space with many mid-century pieces. Much of the collection is from the greater San Diego area.